Alternative Revolt Power Hour #4

August 2, 2011

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Genre: Alternative

Tags: Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal, Rock

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It's the alternative Revolt Power Hour and I'm your host, DJ Chainsaw, brought to you in part by Bare Bones Music, Kush Kills Clothing and of course the Under The Skin Of Angels Tour featuring Saliva, Filter Anew Revolution and Heart Set Self Destruct. Check out the tour schedule at We started the show this week with: BrokenRail - Boom (going to the studio this friday to cut some demos being produce by Brett Hessla. We're gonna get the tunes and introduce them to the whole world this month on the Power Hour) I think I see a featured article on them coming soon! Now, lets kick it with: Affiance - (from their feature in the June 2011 edition of Alternative Revolt Magazine), It's the Power Hour! Welcome to the revolution.


Here's a sample of what's to come on the all new Alternative Revolt Radio - Showcasing great music 24/7 - watch for updates at Lucid Grey - Shatter, nothing but power Rock!


Coming up later in the show, more great music previews from our new showcase, more of my adventures in redneck land (only this time it deals with knuclehead musicians), and information on how you can get free music! As the power continues: DiverBird - Common Thread (from Louisville, KY and just cause I like the music!)


The revolution continues on the Power Hour, brought to you by Kush Kills Clothing, Bare Bones Music, Acoustic Alternative and Alternative Revolt Magazine.! So far this tour has been sold out and a SMASH success. We're coming to a city near you soon. From the tour, lets play a tune from Heart Set Self Destruct - Useless! That's what I think of some people I meet in redneck land, actually that's what they say about the music I play sometimes. hahahha


This show is rated AM, absolute mania! Parental discretion is advised.. Kids, keep your parents away from the computer cause this aint for wimps! Its a metal assault on the Power Hour - Back to indie land with Tallboy - Close your eyes


The Power Hour is brought to you in part by Acosutic Alternative Radio, Bare Bones Music, Kush Kills Clothing and the Under The Skin Of Angels Tour! If you like FREE music, backgrounds and interviews with some of the best bands in the land, then you need to join me in the revolution! Come over to and subscribe to the magazine... Hey, it's free and every month we will email you the new edition that is loaded with tons of FREE stuff! Lets keep the music rolling straight from the archives of Alternative Revolt Magazine, here's Absolution with Bloodstone... Rocking the world and the universe beyond on The Power Hour!


Dont go anywhere, I've got music coming up from Saliva, more BrokenRail, tales from redneck land and more, right after a word from our sponsor.


That was an Alternative Revolt all time favorite, SignumAD - Bleeding Sun. Coming to you from the ALternative Revolt Studio in Louisville, KY, this is the power hour with DJ Chainsaw. You know, a little birdie told me Chevelle will be touring again soon. This has to be great news for their fans who have been anxiously waiting for them to come out of hiding. Let's rock the world from the SciFi Crimes Albumn, We're gonna kick some redneck ass with Chevelle, sleep apnia on the power hour! ***************************

Back to the Under The Skin Of Angels Tour, my all time favorite song from Saliva, Click Click Boom! You are witnessing the evolution of the revoltuion!


Coming up I'm gonna make Brian's skin crawl when I play a redneck knucklehead song. Hey boss, you gave me free reign on the airwaves, sucks to be you. But i'll butter you up first with another great tune from BrokenRail - Hero In Disguise.... Suck it up cause we're kicking the whole worlds ass on the power hour....


The Alternative Revolt Power Hour is brought to you by Bare Bones Music, Kush Kills Clothing, and the Under The Skin Of Angels Tour. Join the revoltuion at Publishing a magazine and producing a syndicated program takes hours and hours of dedication. The staff of Alternative Revolt Magazine is dedicated to bringing you the best content and we provide it to you free. If you're a Indie Musician and would like your music played on the Power Hour and possibly get your story featured in the magazine, come to and send us some sample tunes. Listen, if you send us something off the wall, you may get labeled the Power Hour Knuckle Head. Here's a submission that is worth mention, Death Valley High with multiply... on the power hour!


I had this group send me an email asking me to review their music for airplay. Hey that's great, but they sent nothing for me to review. So I took the time to email them and say, a demo would to listen to might help, then they email me and say where do we mail it? Comeon, this is the computer age, so again I take time to send them a email saying how about send a MP3? So finally they send me the next song..... For all this trouble I dubb them the Knuckleheads of the month. If you're at work, stop what your doing, jump on your desk, throw your habds in the air and get ready to Drown... with Faculty... What the hell is this world coming to....


Well, who am I to judge knucleheads? While we are pissing the boss off, let's jump into MIRAGE and falling falling away... Shake it baby, shake it! After all, this is the revolution, right?


Hey, its not my fault, after all this is the new genre called Street Rock... Hmmmm Well, if I still have a job after this show, I'll catch you next week when Kush Kills Clothing, Bare Bones Music, Alternative Revolt Magazine and Acoustic Alternative bring you another edition of the Power Hour. I'm gonna leave you with another sample of whats soon to come on Alternative Revolt Radio where we will showcase music from all over the world, 24/7. Here's Landsdowne with watch me burn! The revolution continues at!


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