The Dream Ends / Dungeons of War

The Dream Ends / Dungeons of War
copyright G. Whitman (BMI) performed by CITADEL(tm)

Story Behind This Song:
Written from the Earth’s perspective looking on as we tiny, temporal beings blow each other up – and the land and animals too! Even without taking a political side, most can agree that war is a dungeon of pain and suffering, led by those behind the scenes who rarely get their own hands bloody…all for a crown, for the conquest. Grown-up neighborhood bullies who take from others by force that which they cannot attain on their own merits… Also takes a few biblical lines into the mix, “this is the season to make plowshares from our swords” and is tied to the “Citadel of Cynosure” storyline as the battle that forces the Dreemurz and Rezistors to make the ultimate choice when the Affrage invade their domain.

Sounds of This Song:
Almost a full minute of realistic war sounds segue to the lonely violin-sounding guitar intro (Whitman on the Morley), leading into a classical troop march (as the captured are led off in chains), into the main song verse – thunder-tinged acoustic 12-string in 5/4. Soon, a thundering heavy prog rock chorus attacks, followed by lightning streaked guitar solos before it’s back to the chorus. We return to a folk respite with a solemn lead over the 12-string leading in to the 2nd verse/chorus/lead/chorus – topped off with a snappy, choppy ending into a an escape from captivity: thunder into sea waves, creaks from the stolen ship with wind-flapping sails and gulls. Band-created foley (sound effects) are going on throughout, so headphones are recommended to discern the nuance, pan placements and intricate soundscapes.


I have seen the faces of eyes
that have turned to walk away,
A trembling hand upon the hilt
Skies of blue turn to a dismal grey
Many feet in a foreign land
many banners raised
This I’ve seen,
and shall see again,
unless the faults of mankind are erased!

Away from the Dungeons (of War)
where the fire falls like rain!
And how many lives are spent
in a mask of flaming pain?
In need of a reason they shall stain the sinner’s sword
With futile hopes of gaining a crown as the ‘just’ reward

(Lead – Chorus 1 Repeat)

Tears are shed over brothers lost
Half a man never feels the same
The hands still clean
of the men behind the scenes
of satan’s games
I have seen the faces of those
who’ll never really walk away
Empty Stares, a bleeding heart,
and vengeance stored ‘till the final day

Away from the Dungeons (of War)
where the innocent are slain!
And how many lives are spent
in a daze of placing blame

This is the season to make plowshares from our swords
With future hopes of gaining peace as the ‘just’ reward

(Lead – Chorus 2 Repeat)

Dungeons of War by G. Whitman (BMI) from the CD, “The Citadel of Cynosure and Other Tales” and “Citadel Live 5” G. Whitman/Citadel of Cynosure Prod (BMI) - Citadel (tm) is a registered tradename - Used with permission - All rights reserved - ℗2007 wePODstudios™,

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