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B.Y.O.P. Bring Your Own Podcast

Already have an audio podcast? Great! The Feed Player can play your show right away. Create a free account, prove you own the podcast and get your viral Feed Player playing all the episodes in your podcast feed. And see stats that show how your Feed Player spreads around the web.

Don't have a podcast but have audio? No problem. Create a channel for your Feed Player as well as your own podcast.

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Feed Player Audio

Play A Channel's Worth of Video.
Without Handing Over Your Video.

You have video. Keep it... and share it. The Feed Player lets you host your media anywhere you like while also letting you and your audience spread your content virally. And the Feed Player plays a playlist of as many videos as you want.

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Big Contact's Feed Players

Musicians & Labels With Audio & Video

Are you a musician or label? Or maybe you want your own online music magazine? Big Contact was created by musicians and fans of music. Big Contact & its Feed Players provide professional tools to help promote music. While anyone can publish their media on the Big Contact platform, there are special features musicians, labels and others will find useful in their promotion efforts.

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Custom Services Available

We offer custom services for all Feed Players from light customization to more involved Feed Player re-imagining to help make the Feed Player speak your brand.

Professional, custom intro/outro audio & video can be created as well to further get your message across. This is especially good if you choose to offer a podcast version of your channel where your content can have a life beyond the branded player.

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  • Viral

    You and your audience can put your audio, video & news on your sites & social networks.

  • Media
    Control Your Media

    You control your media, not Big Contact. Host your audio & video anywhere you like.

  • My Podcast
    Already Have A Podcast?

    Have your own viral Feed Player streaming your show in seconds.

  • Musicians
    Musicians & Labels

    Have mp3s on your site? Get a Feed Player quick. Also, use special features for promoting music. More info

  • Playlists
    Multiple Files In One Player

    Play your entire channel of audio, video & news. Edit the playlist and how many items you want the player to display.

  • Subscribe
    Subscribe To Your Channel

    Your Feed Player audience can easily subscribe to the podcast version of your channel right inside the player.

  • Stats

    See how much contact your Feed Player has made via its viral spread.

  • Custom
    Custom Feed Players

    Custom services available for all Feed Players including a package with custom intro/outro videos. More info