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Album: Vices Buy

By: Adam's Castle Visit Website

Label: Triple Down Records Visit Website

Genre: wonky progumental

Tags: instrumental, proggy, wonky

September 30, 2010

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Prog had always meant "pretencious" in my mind. I saw it as such an overly earnest love of never-ending, highly formalized, operatic gee-whizzery. "Hey, over here! Look at me! The things my fingers are doing! Isn't it just Amazing!"

The name alone, "progressive," sounds so snotty. Looking down it's nose at knuckle-dragging caveman music.

But of course, it turns out, it was me who was the pretencious one. Ha.

Anyway, Adam's Castle seems to be some proggy-ish instrumental music that's just completely devoid of pretensiousness. That's how it strikes me anyway. The structures and components are fairly straight ahead and not completley obtuse which is part of it I guess. But I suspect what it really is, is that these players are having fun and don't care what you (or I) think.


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