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goofy, hip hop

Tha Pumpsta - Octopus Armed

August 26, 2008

The Pumpsta pumps out the goof hop with a greasy mouth full of chicken-fried irony and ridiculousness. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But you do see he has love for this -- and a certain talent...

Pumpsta: "I love life, people, and music... Besides the recorder, my first 'real' instrument was the trumpet in middle school. I was your typical overweight nerd who knew every word to “Whoop There It Is” by Tag Team (there is a cover of it on Bass Black Treble White.)'

indie psych

mr. Gnome - Night of the Crickets

August 26, 2008

Another delicious concoction from mr. Gnome.

pop, rock

System and Station - On The Way

August 26, 2008

Enjoy this pop rockin' noise from Boise, Idaho's System and Station.


Setting Sun - How Long

July 13, 2008

A great tune. Enjoy.

mixed-bag, pop, psych

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Stranger

June 20, 2008

Sunny Day Sets Fire is fairly happy, poppy stuff but with big dums smacking out something a bit more raw and frenetic. A nice mix. Then you get a bit further in and there are shades of psych, almost proggy, bits. But it feels naturally connected. Nice to see these Londoners shaking the influence-bag a bit. Check it out. Really good stuff.

indie psych

mr. Gnome - Rabbit

April 24, 2008

Mr. Gnome mixes it up in a soupy mix of Cat Power-esque moody/spooky vocals over indie pysch with occasional bursts of kinda-loudness and just a whiff of prog. A good mix I'd say.

DMA-SC- Stars of the Night

June 20, 2008

Update to the Update!: Music Theft

So some drama related to this track: There's a fella by the name of Brandon Harrod who created a project call Laromlab. The label Mushpot Records picked him up and put some effort into promoting him. It was through such a promo company that I received info about this track. I dug it (very much in fact) and posted it here to Hellthy as Laromlab's "Nightdrive."

And I just recently saw that Brandom posted a comment on this post (see below). It wasn't very clear what he meant at first. I thought the track title was just mislabeled. A little more clicking and I see his "confession."

If the hoax isn't itself a hoax this is what happened: Brandon, a painter who was trying to make music unsuccessfully decided to take other people's songs and pass them off as his own. And it seems it was good, obscure stuff that got him some attention. But eventually he was found out.

So I looked up DMA-SC (Mathieu Stempell) who is the real creator behind this track - and I find he has some fantastic tracks. He is part of a collective known as the YM Rockerz. My original comment about the track was this: "Get your Legend of Zelda dance groove on yo." And, get this: there's a reason his tracks sound like Nintendo soundtracks: he does some professional work for Nintendo DS, Game Boy, cell phones and other digital bits. He should get all the credit coming to him for his dope work. My 2 cents: I think Mushpot Records should give DMA-SC a record deal.

It seems like Brandon, if you are reading this: you could have been a good, legit dj it seems - a compiler of tasty, little-exposed tunes made by other people. You had the good sense to focus on this track at least. I'm not sure if your posting a comment on Hellthy (and any other sites out there that posted this song) was done out of a need to try to do right by this situtaion or because of some legal obligation - or both - but I appreciate it. Though, it seems like it could have been much more clear. The effort I am putting into making this clear on this updated post: it seems like you could have taken at least half that effort to better explain and credit DMA-SC.

I am contacting DMA-SC, Mushpot Records and the promo company now... Will update here if warranted.

Updated Update:

Mushpot's official statement is posted here. Mushpot's Jenn de la Vega was good enough to respond.

"As of now, Brandon and Mushpot have settled. I believe he's in the process of trying to settle with the YM Rockerz individually. Not sure about what agreements they have made. I'm relieved that Mushpot was able to retain integrity and come out of this stressful ordeal without a lawsuit. During the week of the incident, Brandon, Bit Shifter and I worked together to post corrections and email as many of our media contacts as soon as we could. Thank you for helping us post accurate information, we really appreciate it."

You can imagine how shitty she must feel to have her creation, her label, associated with a case of thievery, all because of something beyond her control: someone taking advantage of her trust. Brandon signed a contract saying it was his music and it wasn't. What more can a small label do?

It seems to me that even a large, mega record label with their teams of lawyers and researchers can't know if an artist has taken obscure music, called it his own if he has decided not to tell you as much. Perhaps a Gracenote kind of search - the same one that knows how to name your songs when you put a cd into your computer - might help. It looks at a few bars of music and compares that to a database of music and tells you if it recognizes it. Though if the music isn't in the database then it doesn't help. Anyway, it seems this is just one area that can't help but be based on trust. And Brandon took advantage of his label's essential trust.

The thing about it though: even if you swindle a label into putting something out, once it's released there is a catch-22 for the liar: as it grows more successful then the chance grows that fans and other musicians will call you out (as in this case) - and if it is unsuccessful, well then, you've done no better than using your own crappy songs. It doesn't add up.

Here is Brandon's mea culpa message:

Dear anyone who liked Laromlab,

To start an apology letter off is one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do in my life. To start this apology letter off is even harder because I am letting down my peers, my family, my friends, and just about everyone I know. So I will get right to it: Laromlab as a music making project was a hoax, a complete fallacy, all of the music on the Laromlab "S/T" record on Mushpot was made by the collective known as the YM Rockers, more specifically Crazy Q and Dma-SC. I never once thought it was the right thing to do, and I never was happy with myself for stealing these hard working musicians music but I did and now I will be paying the consequences for it! Whether it be legal action, monetary payment, or humiliation, I am deserving of all three. To justify this would be a laughing matter but I would at least like to explain myself to get it off of my chest, because I am in fact a real person.

A couple of years back I was making electronic music that sounded very different and I hit a dry spell. There is no explanation for it but the music wasn’t very good anyway, and somewhere deep inside of my brain it told me that I should just grab these guys’ music and pawn it off as my own. The trouble started when people began to notice the "Laromlab music" and a record label was interested and everything got out of hand. All the while, I had this in the back of my head that I was going to get caught but never dreamed that it would get this much attention. And stealing their music was not done as a malicious act but rather a pathetic one.

I am a painter by teaching and I would not know what to do if all of a sudden I didn’t know how to make another painting that I liked ever again. That is what happened with my music! It took a lot of gall to do what I did and I take full blame. I pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, including my wife (she had no clue), all of my friends, my tour partners, people that bought the CD, people that listened, everyone!!! But it also takes a lot of balls to come to everyone and say....I am a fake, none of this shit is mine. The people that made this music...are all amazing composers, seem to be nice people, and I could only hope to be as amazing at whatever I attempt in the future, but it wont be Laromlab.

There are some exceptions to this, not all of my music was stolen, and the people that I made those special tracks for will be notified and I will tell them that these songs are really done by me, but this most recent record is not created by me one bit. I am ready to deal with what I have to deal with now but I do not think that I will be able to deal with myself for doing this to people I care about. If I still have friends after this is over they will be the best friends of my life and I encourage anyone who is thinking of writing me off as a friend to please call me on the phone or email me and I will show you that somewhere inside of this lying shell of a music thief is still a good person and this is the first and last time lies will seep their way into my life, it has destroyed an credibility I have, any credibility I hoped to gain, and any that remains. I would like to end this rationally with all parties involved and I think we will be able to and I would also like to apologize by name to a few people that I have hurt the most.

Mainly Jenn De la Vega of Mushpot Records: you have done so much for what you thought was an amazing musician and I did nothing but lie to you, I am worthless at best and have already accepted full responsibility for our "working relationship" but if somehow inside of the amazing person you are there is room to continue a friendship I will consider myself the luckiest boy alive, I am sorry that in one fatal swoop I have tarnished one of the most amazing record labels to ever exist and I hope Mushpot can stand up after this and brush off the dust that was Laromlab and continue forward. If there is anything in the world I can do for you, Jenn, I think we all know I owe it to you.

The Ym Rockers: all of you make music so great that it makes unstable people, like myself, do insane stuff like want it to be theirs. I know it means nothing but you have the most respect I can give you and Crazy Q, Dma-SC, Dubmood, all the others you have boundless talent and that is enough to conquer things beyond my wildest dreams! Each and every one of you seem like great people and had we met in different circumstances I know that I would want to get to know you all individually. I am sorry for this injustice that I have brought before you and I hope we can settle this thing righteously and move on with our lives.

To my friends and family: once again I am sorry beyond explanation and I had a major lapse in judgment. It saddens me to know how many of you I have disappointed and if you find it in your heart to forgive me you will find the same old guy that you have always known. With this I say, the times were good (even if they were fabricated) and I hope to move on with my life and I hope that me and my wife can live a normal life without ridicule and embarrassment.

Over and out,
Brandon Harrod

I hope Jenn and Mushpot won't be too discouraged by this episode and continue full-speed ahead with their efforts of getting great music into the ears of people who appreciate it. Check out their other (legit) artists. And I'm sure DMA-SC will continue to put out great tracks which hopefully will get more attention. Make sure you check out some other great tunes of his here.

rock, sloppy

We Were The States - Up Your Sleeve

April 10, 2008

Murfreesboro, Tennessee act We Were States cheer along with you for the straight-ahead slop-rock. You know you got it.

hip hop, smooth, soul

Willie J - 44's

April 5, 2008

This is a smooth, soulful track. Check Atlanta's Willie J, aka Country Boi, out. He comes from the "I'm singing more than I'm rapping" school of Hip Hop - giving this track that leaned-back, smooth vibe. 44's is an ode to 'Lac cruising: "It ain't my self esteem that got me leaning, sitting low. It's the fresh leather seats and the engine when I G.O."

electronic, loop, pop

Decomposure - Hour 9

February 18, 2008

As promised, here's another Decomposure track: Hour 9. As you can hear this track can't easily be described as "Howard Jones sings Nine Inch Nails" as I did for the Hour 5 track. Listen and judge for yourself...

jolly, pop, retro

This Is Ivy League - London Bridges

April 4, 2008

This Is Ivy League sounds a bit like a less morose, American Belle & Sebastian - with a jolly-but-no-too-jolly, retro-pop sound that seems to want more than anything to be on Wes Anderson's next soundtrack. While there's no shortage of bands celebrating their own feyness, This Is Ivy League pulls off their songs of burdenless delight with verve and panache. Carefree yes. Careless no.

electronic, loop, pop

Decomposure - Hour 5

February 15, 2008

This short Decomposure track, Hour 5, conjures 90's Nine Inch Nails - but with a creator, Caleb Muelle, less dissatisfied with his life. Ha. I'd go so far as to say it manages to have a heallthy dollop of 80's pop optimism. Howard Jones sings Nine Inch Nails, anyone? Other tracks on this album aren't as NIN-influenced - though all retain some form of a 90's-ish electronic background and Muelle's noncombative, indie vocals as the constant. Will have to post some more in the near future. Good stuff.

art, noise

These Are Powers - Chipping Ice

February 14, 2008

What could be more appropriate this Valentine's Day than to present to you one of Hellthy's more abrassive, chainsaw-smoke-spewing tracks? These Are Powers was founded by ex-Liars' Pat Noecker along with Anna Barie and joined by Brenmar's Bill Salas. This track Chipping Ice is from their Taro Tarot EP (HOSS Records) which is to be officially released April 8th (but you can get it from their label's site now: cd, vinyl or digital download.)

power loop pop

HIJK - Paper Boat

February 11, 2008

Power loop pop.

collage, cut and paste, pop

Steve Smith - That Town

March 27, 2008

Here's a solo project from Dirty Vegas front man Steve Smith (is that why the vocals are so high in the mix?) There are some cool noises in here and Steve gets down on percussion halfway in. If you’re in Miami you can see Smith DJ alongside turntable-isto Paul Oakenfold as part of the annual Winter Music Conference tomorrow (March 28th) at Club Mokai (235 23rd St, Miami Beach).

boogaloo, electronic

33Hz - Paris, Texas (Gentlemen Drivers Mix)

February 9, 2008

33Hz is a synthy, sometimes trashy 80's-throw-back pop outfit.

This "Paris, Texas" collection is a little different. 33Hz twisted some arms and ended up with w/ guest lyricists: Houston's Devin the Dude and Paris' Teki Latex on one of their tracks.

33Hz must have liked the result enough to make an album out of this one track. They invited their producer-friends to make a handful of remixes. This is Gentlemen Drivers' go at it - who, for whatever reason, decided to delete 99% of the two featured lyricists.

Other remixers include Architecture in Helsinki, Max Pask, In Flagranti, Curtis Vodka, Victor Rice and DJ Raze.

bounce, fuzzed-out, uk-esque

Hot Seconds - Individual

February 7, 2008

Check out a friend's band: fuzzed-out, uk-esque, bounce. One Hot Second spent time with 80's, 90's grinding electro outfit Front 242. But there's no confusing the two bands.

Hot Seconds is a project with a strong dedication to pop craft and a less confrontational stance than that earlier band. But perhaps, if one was searching to find connections: there's a bit of a shared mentality of production-invention love and disdain for a motionless audience. Dig that fuzzed-out bass.

For New Yorkers come out with me and see them tomorrow eve (Friday, Feb 8, 2008). They are playing with ex-Morphine saxophonist Dana Colley's new band A.K.A.C.O.D.

Club Midway @ Friday, February 8th @ 11pm
25 Avenue B, NYC
(bet. 2nd and 3rd streets)

nosiey, pop

Boo and Boo Too - David Turns A Mystic

March 23, 2008

And here's some noise pop for you from Boo and Boo Too.

bassy, rock

Die! Die! Die! - A.T.T.I.T.U.D

February 1, 2008

New Zealanders Die! Die! Die! trim the guitar some and make noisey, bass-in-your-face, drums-in-your-basal-ganglia (yeah, I Googled it), rockin' music. (The guitar is rawkus too on this album. It's just usually tucked away in the mix... Not a bad thing.) Listen to that bass. Dope.

Die! Die! Die!'s previous Albini-recorded album got them some attention and had them touring with Slint, Wolfmother and others. "Promises Promises" is their latest American-recorded album which they recorded in The Walkmen's Marcata studio in update NY. Nice and raw - which Marcata is known to help get on tape. In fact, I hear at Marcata the headphones musicians use when recording will disintigrate in your hands - from all the rockin' going on (or, more realistically, from all the drunken, neglectfull, careless abuse).

More songs coming. Release date of this album is February 5, 2008. Go get it. I recommend it. Get it.

indie, pop, synth

Bridges and Powerlines - Uncalibrated

March 23, 2008

Bridges and Powerlines make some synthy / guitar indie pop. Their album Ghost Types drops April 22nd. Enjoy.

elliot smith, songwriter

Reed KD - Even If I

January 30, 2008

The Reed KD I heard on MySpace sounds more of a traditionally collegiate bluegrass-tinged, singer/songwriter pop w/ occasional electronic blips - than the tracks I'm showing here.

These tracks: does Reed KD borrow Elliot Smith's whispering vocals and melodic approach and strumming pop production and happy/morose attitude and...? Seems that way to me. But that's ok I guess. Especially if you are an Elliot Smith fan and suspect that the labels have finally stopped unearthing posthumus songs from the dearly departed.

Is that unfair to Reed KD? I hope not. I like this music despite the fact that it doesn't seem exceptionally unique. But let's be real, singer/songwriters usually aren't the types who care to re-invent the wheel eh? That's usually not their trump card. Differentiating flair never seem to be as important to its practicioners or its fans as whether listeners do or do not connect with the singer - whether they can successfully be intimate without being weepy. Reed KD does well if you look at it this way.

Thankfully there's the mp3 right here so you can listen and judge for yourself. There is another good one that I'd like to post soon as well...

cinematic, electronic, environmental, indie, moody, shoegaze

Faunts - M4 (Part 1)

January 23, 2008

Canadian Steven Batke's effected guitar is just as processed and swirlingly hypnotic as his bro Tim's and comrade Joel's keys. This is background music that isn't comfortable staying in the background. Sharp.

fuzzed, pop, rock

Hooray For Earth - Warm Out

March 18, 2008

A great tune that grows on you. Give it a few listens. And the video is great too. I hope to get that up here soon too.

candy, dub, sugary

Hope Again (Feat. Mykah9 and Taiwankid)

March 18, 2008

Here's another candy-flavored track from Mochipet that sounds like hip hop rhyming to your Nintendo's soundtrack.

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