pH10 - Enter the Underground (feat. Pete Miser and Jamalski)


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MP3 Enter the Underground (feat. Pete Miser and Jamalski) (2.97mb) Download

Album: Well Connected

By: pH10 Visit Website

Label: Helmutplex Records Visit Website

Genre: noisy drum and bass

Tags: bumpin, drum and bass, noisy

September 3, 2008

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I haven't seen one of pH10's shows but I can image it would be a wild time. Not that this track is unmovin' but when listening to it it sounds like it would sound increasingly better in a live room with a busted PA pumping out the noise bouncing off a sweaty room full of drunks.

From the band: "Brooklyn-based pH10 has been making records and playing shows for ten years. Concerts are hyped up parties with intense visual projections, a massive wall of sound and strange occurrences including strobe light helmets and dancers wrapped in vacuum hoses. Having played all over the US, Canada and Europe, pH10 has developed strong performance skills to back up their studio recordings. This is a finely tuned stage show that leaves audience members danced-out and smiling."


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