Show #12 Best contenders of 2006

Lots of great rock music always comes in the 4th Quarter and most will  not measure up to the impossible task of putting together a best of list. This has been months in making. There are some pretty well known creators who will be shadowed by lesser known giants; who've humbly and unknowingly put forth their best effort. The pay-off is a sweat spicey honey sauce that is sure to please even the most picky of taste buds. The best contenders show has some great tunes by bands like: The Flaming Lips, Trail of Dead, Easy Star All-Stars,  Devics, Belle & Sebastian, Clap you hands say yeah, Neko Case, M. Ward, Grandaddy, Thom Yorke and Built to Spill. By no means did I get through the all the fantastic albums on my list but as it looks right now some will make it and others will loose. So download and let me place your order at this establishment. The output will surprise you as all good music should.
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Show #11 Jersey Boogie summer nights

So over here at Grandview Studios we have finally recovered from Wefest and have gotten our summer/fall schedule packed. To kick off summmer heat we've put together a Jersey Boogie Nights in Asbury theme: The sound track when you were a weird kid wondering the streets looking for things to do includes: Frank Black Francis, Syd Barret, Tall Dwarfs (thanks for recommendation skiz), the classic trout-punk rock by DUH, Black Flag, Repo ManBubble/Gum, The Twilight Singers, Broken Social Scene, Tapes n' Tapes, Ween, Calexico, and Grandaddy.

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Show #10: W.E. Fest bands of 2006

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The Review Stalker and DJ Spork have teamed up to present Show #10 featuring bands playing this yearÃ?¢??s W.E. Festival!  This Memorial Day Weekend 2006(May 25-29) all of these great bands will be playing in Wilmington, North Carolina celebrating the Tenth anniversary of this 5 day event:  Starting it off are Ape Fight from lovely North Jersey, followed by what else but the WE Fest song by Jim Testa, Aviso Hara(NJ), followed by The Difference Engine(AL), The Slow Wire (NJ), Jehn Cerron (NY), The Funeral Crashers (NC), Hero Pattern (NJ), Majestic Twelve (NC), Nina 57 (NY), Skyline Rodeo (NJ), The Specs (SC), and Sparks fly from a kiss. For more information please visit: or the wefestallstar myspace page.
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Give the bassplayer some

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This podcast visits the mysterious ones. The bass players. I don't drop too many names but the fact is if your drummer can handle what the bassplayer dishes out your band is bound to be pretty driving, so give the bass player some: Flamming lips, dinosoure jr, Melvins, The Jesus LizardfIREHOSE, Mission of Burma, Alice Donut, Gang of Four, Pavement, Fugazi, Ben Folds Five with background music by interpol from Bright Lights and Sonic Youth off of Confusion is Sex. All the secrets are inside. There are only four strings and those that make them count know when not to play.
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Show #8 Le Rock Sheik

Lets start out spring properly with some sheik driving music by True Love and their track "Burn Rubber", followed by "Art Class" by Superchunk, "Hanging" by north jersey's Teenbeaters, a Bowie cover by Crooked Finders, "Rise up with fists" by Jenny Lewis with the Watson twins, a dischord duo called The Evens featuring Ian Mckaye and amy farina from the warmers, a Who cover by The Flaming Lips, b/w another "Revolution" by Grandaddy, followed by "The King of Teaneck" by AMCIty's Clydesdale because you can't handle the new disco, and finishing it up is a track by Sloan from one of their early records One Chord to Another. Any questions?
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Show #7 Jersey's Best Dancers revisited

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This follow-up show is heavier, meaner, longer, and faster. Featuring bands from New Brunswick and the Jersey Shore like: Transilvia, Bubble/gum, Buzzkill(the original version not the UK version -what is up with lazy trend?- there must have been a pay-off or Bruce the lawyer does not know), Mars Needs Women, Kid with Man Head, Nudeswirl, Skunk (north Jersey), and Monster Magnet. Captin' America art by Daniel Johnston. Remember to support independent artists.
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Show #6 Love & Hate songs

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Hey crank it up, here is the Valentines love and hate songs show with Superchunk doing a Sebadoh cover 'it's so hard to fall in love', Bongwater doing Rocky Erikson's 'You don't love me yet', Godboy's short jam 'Her name was Zima' from their amazing album Soft Jaws, Sweat Teeth, followed by the Brian Jonestown Massacre w/ '(David Bowie I love you) Since I Was Six', The Beach Boys, 'God only knows' Chris Harford doing a Buzzcocks cover 'Love is lies' w/Steve Garvey, The Concretes, with 'You Can't Hurry Love', and the ex models finish off the set w/ 'love japanese style'. This show is recorded live as evidence I couldn't say Rocky Erikson... please download and buy music you like from the respective artists responsibly.
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Show #5 Jersey's Best Dancers

America's best kept secret are Jersey Bands and the smoke stack facade where the rich 1% live. DJ Spork presents: Jersey's Best Dancers Prosolar Mechanics doing a track called 'Impact', Lifetime doing a Husker Du cover 'It's not funny anymore', Aviso'Hara doing "Bradley Wake-up" from the album Our lady of the Highway, Bubblegum Thunder and a track recorded by Steve Albini at his house called "Ghost Town", Angel Dust featuring Chris Harford and Andrew Weiss, with a song called "Joe Strummers midnight dream", The Couriers w/ "Time away from time" from their new album stay these couriers, and Instant Death from their first 7" single w/ "The Enabler" for music addicts everywhere we apologize for the song being cut-off at the end. The engineer has been sacked. We promise to have less talk and more rock and to ride the fader accordingly.
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