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About Rival Songs

The Players

  • Marcus: Bass, Keys, Guitar
  • Chris: Guitar, Viola
  • Robin: Drums
  • Nat: Guitar, Bass
  • Looking For A Singer Contact us at contact@rivalsongs.com


Iv'e been producing and djing for a good few years now , my favourite styles of music are all things House, Garage and Drum and Bass. Over the years i've been lucky enough to get a few releases out there and had the chance to remix some really good tracks , feel free to check out my stuff , i'm frequently adding new tracks , and make tracks that I can available for download. I'm always interested in working on new tracks and if I like a track will often take it on to be remixed ... Best way to get hold of me is via facebook (facebook.com/djroberthayes) Don't be shy to get in touch , always love to hear from people , even if its to just comment on the tracks :)

Rival Songs Live

January 23, Friday

  • Record Release Party
  • Galapagos
  • 16 Main Street at the corner of Water Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn
  • F, A, 2, 3, G and L trains
  • Google Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?um=1&cid=0,0,7695955297912273813&sa=X
  • "Rival Songs, Ten Minute Turns and The Mystery Keys: This party concert celebrates the record releases of three Brooklyn bands: Ten Minute Turns, The Mystery Keys, and Rival Songs. The groups improvise to varying extent in their pop-infused, vaguely electronic songcraft. Videos and animation by band members will further satisfy the melancholy mood, as only a cathartic electrobuzz can. "

Past Shows

October 4, Thursday

September 21, Friday


Rival Songs - Q.E.R.R. 2.7 (Video)

January 20, 2009

Flash Video: RIval Songs - Q.E.R.R. 2.7 (video) (13.48mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Genre: Music video

Tags: indie, music video

Video for Q.E.R.R. 2.7.

Rival Songs - Q.E.R.R.

January 9, 2009

MP3 Audio: Q.E.R.R. (4.71mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: Rival Songs

Genre: Indie instrumental

Tags: indie, instrumental

Post image

Here is another track from our new album. Stayed tuned for info about how and where to get it.

Rival Songs - Children

January 9, 2009

MP3 Audio: Children (8.71mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: Rival Songs

Genre: Indie instrumental

Tags: indie, instrumental

Post image

Here is a track from our new album. Stayed tuned for info about how and where to get it.

New Album Is Coming + Galapogos Show Jan 23, 2009

January 6, 2009

Our new, self-titled album is soon to be released. After countless rehearsal recordings as well as an EP we never released - we soon will have an album for you to hear. We are awaiting the delivery from mastering as we write this. Stay tuned.

Show At Galapogos
Friday, January 23, 2009
16 Main Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

In celebration of the album Nat's flying back into NYC for our show at Galapagos January 23, 2009. Here's the map (and Galapogos is now in DUMBO if you didn't know...) Come for the burlesque (8pm), stay for the Rival Songs.

10PM - Rival Songs
11PM - The Mystery Keys
12AM - Ten Minute Turns

"Triple record release party for Brooklyn bands Ten Minute Turns, The Mystery Keys and Rival Songs.  Pop-infused songcraft mixes with angular improvisation and melancholy moods to varying degrees among these three local groups; show will be accompanied by videos and animations by band members.  10pm $12"

Album Is Percolating

February 14, 2008

We recorded w/ Jason LaFarge (Devendra Barnhart, Angels of Light, Akron Family) at Seizure's Palace weeks ago. He got a great sound. Hat's off to him. Since then we've been molding things further at our rehearsal space or someone's apartment. Adding things like Chris' viola feedback machine and other trimmings. We may even have a couple new tracks to add to the full playlist using programmed beats, hand-played drums, foot-pedal loops, stolen YouTube audio and more... Stay tuned.

Heading To The Studio

November 20, 2007

We are planning on going into the studio soon to record an all-instrumental album. Once we have finalized everything we'll let you know more...

Rival Songs Live in Williamsburg This Thrusday

October 1, 2007

See us this Thursday at Matchless in Williamsburg Brooklyn at 9:30pm.

Rival Songs - Small Amps

September 20, 2007

MP3 Audio: Small Amps (7.24mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: Tests

Tags: indie, nyc, rock

Post image Here's another track of ours.

Rival Songs On The Hunt For A Singer

August 15, 2007

We've decided to part ways with Adam. He's a great guy and extremely talented - but we've decided to part ways.  We're looking for a different direction vocally. If you live in the NYC area and want to sing (and play instruments?) with Rival Songs - reach out to us. Or take some of these mp3s and record yourself over them... Our ears are open. Cheers.

An Introduction: Rival Songs Friday Dec 15th

December 4, 2006

If you are in the NYC area come out and say hello. See our introductory show:

Friday, Dec. 15th
Rock Star Bar
351 Kent Avenue at S. 5th
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

9 - The Holy Experiment
10 - Rival Songs
11 - Monark
DJ Shamu (funk/soul) afterwards

Rival Songs - A Loss of Pride (Video)

November 26, 2006

Flash Video: RIval Songs - A Loss of Pride (20.90mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Genre: Music video

Tags: indie, music video

Here is a quick re-moralized PSA as our testbed music video. The audio is just a minidisc rehearsal recording with our new singer Adam recorded over top. This is "A Loss of Pride."

Rival Songs Has A Singer

November 26, 2006

Rival Songs is excited to welcome Adam Blockton formerly of Motherboard as its newest member. Check back here for some samples of the new sound -- and stay tuned for some show dates...

Rival Songs - Suspended

October 11, 2006

MP3 Audio: Sola (4.10mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: Tests buy it

Genre: indie

Tags: indie, music, nyc, rock

Post image Another Rival Tunes track.

Rival Songs - Sola

October 11, 2006

MP3 Audio: Sola (5.62mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: Tests buy it

Genre: indie

Tags: indie, music, nyc, rock

Post image In honor of the Ishibashi little one. This one is rough. Literally the second time we played it we recorded this. But has the heart in the right place I think.

Rival Songs - Chris Song

October 11, 2006

MP3 Audio: Chris Song (4.84mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: Tests buy it

Genre: indie

Tags: indie, music, nyc, rock

Post image This is the second/third time we played this one. This is one that came from something Chris brought in.

More & Newer Songs Are on My Space

October 11, 2006

Visit www.MySpace.com/RivalSongs for more and newer tracks.

Rival Songs - Mixed Snippets

October 11, 2006

MP3 Audio: A Call For Singers - A Mix of Rival Songs Tunes (7.32mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Genre: indie

Tags: indie, music, nyc, singers

Post image We've taken a few snippets of various tracks and combine dthem into one mp3.

Rival Songs - Arch of Good Intentions

February 23, 2006

MP3 Audio: Arch of Good Intentions (7.01mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: A Search For A Singer

Genre: Indie

Tags: indie, music, nyc, rock

Post image Here's another tune.

Also, I've posted some songs on the RivalSongs.com site which you can download and add your own vocals to. Send them back to us and we might play some on this audio show/podcast thing...


Rival Songs Call For Singers - Killed For Kindness

February 23, 2006

MP3 Audio: Killed For Kindness (5.32mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Album: A Search For A Singer

Genre: Indie

Tags: indie, music, nyc, rock

Post image Note: I just reposted this with a slightly massaged version of this song...

Here's another addition to our posts devoted to our search for a NYC area singer - or for folks who like to see the guts of a band as it gets its shit together.

This is a sloppy, poorly recorded Rival Songs tune we call Killed For Kindess. We are still working on it - and with a singer there'd be even more changes I'm sure.  But here it is anyway. You should still be able to see its charm I hope.

Drop us a line.


Rival Songs Call For Singers Podcast

February 10, 2006

MP3 Audio: Call For Singers - Argentine: Entrada (7.35mb) Download

By: Rival Songs visit website

Genre: Music Podcast

Tags: brooklyn, indie, music, new york, nyc, podcast, rock, singers

Post image Here is some audio of an until-now-unreleased Argentine song called Entrada. Rival Songs is 4/5ths of the band Argentine - minus the singer who is also one of the Argentine guitarists and songwriters.

So Rival Songs is a new outfit with its own songs - which I have to say I like better. More immediate. More raucous when it needs to be. I'll post some no-vocals Rival Songs here as well.So stay tuned.

But the Argentine stuff ain't bad and it gives some kind of clues as to our history.  And it's also a call to singers in the NYC area to listen and let us know if you're interested in teaming up with Rival Songs.



Rival Songs, A History

January 26, 2006

From the ashes of Argentine comes Rival Songs. Rival Songs is 4/5th of the band Argentine

Argentine started 4? years ago as Ian Carpenter on guitar and vocals, Robin Fowler on drums, and Nat Guy on bass and guitar. Robin left and we added a new drummer (Timothy Quigley).

We recorded the album In Other Fictions which was distributed by Pehr Records out of LA. It was a well reviewed album and we were happy enough with it.

"In Other Fictions comes with a mighty recommendation; prepare to be overwrought, and thoroughly electrified, by the unassuming." - Lost At Sea

"There are times when my faith in what the indie music movement can create is restored... It takes a band like Argentine to come out of nowhere with a really good record to remind me exactly why this whole thing is worth it." - Halo 17

"a band that’s more than capable of writing excellent tunes while shunning the restrictiveness of one genre. Well done." - Delusions of Adequacy

Chris joined up and brought his moody viola sound with him. We actually had a 2-piece string section for a while when Mocha, who had played on the I.O.F. album, joined us more permanently on violin.

While Nat was in Japan waiting for his kid to come along Marcus with his bass and keys joined up. Nat came back to a Mocha-less band. Timothy the drummer eventually left the band to pursue other musical ventures and we re-introduced Robin back to the fold. It was one of those "circle-of-life" moments. Ha. Everyone got their jive on and they quickly put together a good roster of songs.

So they went into the studio to record a second album with the Master Fader: Jason "The Kooch" Marcucci of  Excello and Dubway Studios.

And the songs mostly sounded really banging. Very rich and with a lot more energy than the down-tempo first record. Jason did a great job.

But in the middle of this processs the band dissolved. We amicably decided to part ways. And Chris, Marcus, Robin and I (Nat) formed what you see here: Rival Songs. Ian I think may still be working under the Argentine title. Im not sure. I'll have to get an update.

Stay tuned - we want to share with you some of what we created in that studio. There's some really amazing stuff. And we all, including Ian, haven't yet decided what will become of those recordings - but we don't want to keep them locked up. So stay tuned.

But more importantly stay tuned for the new Rival Songs. We have been crafting songs that have a whole new life. We'll be posting some shittily recorded samples of those songs here as well so that you might hear the progress of this thing.

And so now, we need to team up with a singer to make beautiful music with. If that's you send us an email: contact@rivalsongs.com.

Here is a short list of some other projects that the members of Rival Songs have recently been involved with.

Chris Curtis
Solar Return, Bering Strait

Desert Fathers

The Last Town Chorus

Introducing: Rival Songs

January 25, 2006

We are Rival Songs. We are a rock and roll band based in Brooklyn, NY. We are currently: Robin Fowler on Drums, Marcus Smith on Bass and sometimes keys and guitar, Chris Curtis on guitar and viola, and Nat Guy on guitar and sometimes bass.

We currently do not have a singer. If you are a singer stay tuned: we will be posting some of our music for you to hear. And contact us.


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