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Sharmane’s lovely sound is best described not by the characteristics of her voice, but by the character her music embodies.  One hears the sound of sincerity, joy, and the peace that comes from embracing the moment.  Listeners might glean a likeness to Jenny Owens or the innocence of a young Olivia Newton John. 


The same musical gift Sharmane shares with others of all ages has impacted her own life.  Sharmane has been singing her entire life, from performing in pageants and teaching music and voice –  to serving as a cantor and singing at numerous church events.  She also composed several of her recorded songs.  Sharmane was recently the lead singer in John 6, a contemporary Christian band.  She currently travels as a concert musician and workshop clinician, performing and speaking at music and liturgy conferences.  Sharmane is a member of UCMVA (United Catholic Music & Video Association) and CAM (Catholic Association of Musicians). 

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