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Jim Wockenfuss - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Jose Grajo - Guitars, vocals
Lucas Hennessey - Bass, vocals
Ryan Walsh - Drums, percussion
Steve Dalgetty - Guitars, vocals

In the fall of 2002 began the journey that is Friday Mourning. Through many musicians and heartaches the band humbly came to fruition, stopping at every rest area along the way. What was a hobby of sorts quickly became a way of life in a matter of months.

Forsaking all, imbued with a calling, the five member band decided to start walking with thumbs raised high in the air. It was not long after, that national acts such as Ceili Rain, SonicFlood, and Switchfoot were stopping along the roadside to play a show with this up-and-coming band. 

It was in east Ohio, on the hilltop known as Franciscan University that Friday Mourning began to flourish. From there it was out to Steubenville, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, across central Florida, and even as far West as St. Louis. 

Since its inception the band has enjoyed countless blessings, a broken down van, lots of debt, sleep deprivation, but most of all its incredible fans. Regardless of where the band is, it seems the crowds are always the main attraction. Their excitement is only surpassed by their involvement in the performance itself.



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