Episode #6: 10 Tips for Anyone Facing Termination, Including Negotiating a Severance Package

November 10, 2008

MP3 Audio: Epidsode #6: 10 Tips for Anyone Facing Termination, Including Negotiating a Severance Package (26.06mb) Download

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The primary message of Episode #6 of the Hostile Workplace Podcast is "You Are Not Powerless When Facing Termination!"� This episode shows you how to fight back and try to keep your job, PLUS, we cover how to negotiate a severance if you decide to leave.� Negotiating a severance would also apply to anyone who is facing layoffs at their company.

Tips 1-3:
Fight Back by utilizing protected classes and turning the tables on your supervisor.

Tips 4-7:
Slow the Process Down by knowing all your due process rights and using all of them.

Tips 8-10:
Even if You Decide to Leave, don't just walk away; you have the power to get something out of the company, and ease your transition to your next (better) job.

The ever-popular "Quick-Tip" feature comes straight from our forums.� A community member who is facing termination at his own job has a great tip for anyone dealing with an abusive boss.


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