Episode #10: Some Bully Bosses Forbid Bathroom Breaks?!

August 12, 2009

MP3 Audio: #10: Bully Bosses Create a Hostile Work Environment by Forbidding Bathroom Breaks! (24.43mb) Download

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Tags: Abused at Work, Age Discrimination, Employee Rights, Hostile Work Environment, Hostile Workplace, Job Harassment

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Main Segment

In the Main Segment of Episode #10 we tackle the issue of "Bully Bosses Who Forbid Bathroom Breaks."  This craziness happens much more frequently than you may think.  Can you guess who the primary victims are?

#1 Spanish radio station in Miami

The radio show I mention during the show is 98.3.  My thanks to Frank, the Undercover Lawyer community member from Miami who got the book and called in to 98.3 to talk about it.  Thanks Frank!

All Spanish UCL Site Now Launched:


New Segment -- The Q & A:

We also debut a new segment in Episode #10, the Q&A.  In you have a legal question about work that you think other listeners would be interested in, send it to me at: UndercoverLawyer@Gmail.com.  Better still, ask the question in you own voice by using the comment line: (360) 450-5750.  Call in, leave your question, and you may hear your voice on the next episode of the podcast!

The Quick Tip:

This week's Quick Tip is about safe internet surfing at work.  The resources discussed are these:

  1. http://www.work-surf.info/
  2. http://www.anonymous-proxies.org/2009/07/all-about-work-proxies.html


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