Episode #8: The "Bullying Boss" Gets Found Guilty in Court

February 2, 2009

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Have you ever wished that you could sue your bully of a boss?� This episode is about a hospital employee named Joseph Doescher who did just that.

The Bully-Boss Surgeon
Doescher's "boss" was a cardiovascular surgeon named Dr. Daniel Raess.� Dr. Raess behavior included yelling, screaming, and swearing at Doescher with "clenched fists, piercing eyes, beet-red face, [and] popping veins."� The incident that prompted the lawsuit ended with Doescher believing that Dr. Raess was going to hit him, but at the last second Dr. Raess screamed "You're finished, you're history" and he stomped out of the room.

The Anxiety Stricken Employee
For his part, the employee Doescher reported that Dr. Raess' bullying damaged Doescher's ability to do his job, his ability to interact with his wife and family, and caused him to suffer from anxiety.� Doescher was even diagnosed with a "major depressive disorder," a "panic disorder," and an inability to focus.

The "Bullying Expert," Dr. Gary Namie
This lawsuit went all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court, who reviewed how appropriate it was to allow the nation's leading Bullying Expert, Dr. Gary Namie, testify on the employee's behalf.�

The results of this case made national headlines, but don't settle for a sound bite explanation of the what happened and how it affects you.

Raess v. Doescher, Indiana Supreme Court (April 8, 2008).


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